Watch This Artist Live Stream His Life (24/7) From LES Storefront

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The street artist RAE is currently living at 130 Allen Street and has put his life on display for the public to view. With one full wall as a window, and four cameras set up on his Youtube livestream, anyone can watch his day-to-day activities at any point.

As onlookers watch him eat, sleep, listen to music, watch tv, or make art, this LES address will be RAE’s home until November 22. 

The stream is called THE RAE SHOW, and while he spends plenty of time within the room you will never see his face. He is constantly changing the masks which conceal his identity.


According to a recent interview with the New York Times, THE RAE SHOW will feature guests like old men playing dominoes, DJ Chuck Chillout, and animals from local shelters to be adopted. Being from East Flatbush, he explained in the interview that the performance art project is “really about the New York characters [he’s] known growing up.”

Featured image source: Youtube / THE RAE SHOW Live Stream