Watch 20,000 Bees Swarm a Hot Dog Stand in Times Square

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Watch 20,000 Bees Swarm a Hot Dog Stand in Times Square

Bees are drawn to dirty water dogs just as much as New Yorkers.

On Tuesday, August 28, a hot dog stand in Times Square was inundated with a large mass of bees. In the hot afternoon sun, around 1 p.m., the bees decided to take over the umbrella of this stand. 

Just as the bees swarmed, so did bystanders to watch as 20,000 bees were removed from the stand. The portion of the street around 42 Street and 7 Avenue was closed as one brave police officer in a white jacket and beekeeper’s hat vacuumed up the dense population of bees on this small umbrella. 

Over the course of a couple hours most bees were safely removed, however several remained in the area buzzing around the stand. On the site was Andrew Cote, president of New York Beekeepers Association, who oversaw the removal by a trained officer.  

Here’s what it looked like:


[featured image source: Reuters]

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