Do You Want To Know How Screwed You’ll Be When The L-Train Shuts Down? Check This Tool!

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Do You Want To Know How Screwed You’ll Be When The L-Train Shuts Down? Check This Tool!

The L-Train-pocalypse is only a few years away, this tool from Sidewalk Labs and Transportation Alternatives shows exactly how your commute times will be impacted. 

With alternatives like Citi-bike, Lyft and Uber, and a decline in quality of service and fare hikes, the MTA is  has seen slow and steady decline in subway ridership. Regardless of a reduction in use of our subways, our cities trains are still the transportation method of choice for millions of NYers. Our question is, will the 18 month shutdown or the L Train be the final nail in the coffin four our cities subway network, and more importantly, how will it affect us as strap hangers?

A recent article from CityLab estimates some 250k commuters will be effected every day for 18 months after the L train shutdown for hurricane Sandy repairs. In the echo chamber of panicked voices emanating from countless city blogs and print media it can be hard to really get to grips with how the shutdown will directly impact you.

Sidewalk Labs, a project dedicated to advancing urbanism through technology, has teamed up with Transportation Alternatives to make an interactive map that shows exactly how commutes will likely be affected by the L-Train-pocalypse.

The NYC Transit Explorer uses existing real time information about the status of different transit options to calculate travel times and routes through the city. Watch the instructional video (below), and then check out the map HERE.

Featured image source [YouTube]

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