Wanna know where in NYC you can buy ice-cream in a frickin’ churro cone?

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Ice cream churro cone NYC

Of course you do. You are human, after all. But before we reveal where you can get hold of this calorific treat, we’d just like to pause for a moment to appreciate the genius of whoever’s decision it was to infuse the soft deliciousness of ice-cream inside the doughy goodness of a churro cone.

Perhaps a moment of silence is in order to acknowledge that our children will study such historical events as we are living right now… 

Ice cream cone churros cone
OK, moving on… If you’re still here (we’re OK with it if you got bored and just Googled ice-cream + churro cone), we recommend you get yourself to ChikaLicious Dessert Club (204 East 10th Street) and pick up a ConeCHURROS® – their new Czech-inspired summer treat. Add a little caramel? 

Jackie Chan Yummy
Sorry, you lost us for a second there…

The cone costs $9.99. Rent can wait, no? If not, you could just get two free toppings on this goat’s milk ice cream.


Featured cover image: Gothamist

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