Wanna know which NYC Fast Food Spot Has The Most Health Complaints?

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You might argue that you’re already dicing with the devil when you stuff yourself with greasy burgers and wash it down with a thick milkshake, but it seems like you have to be especially careful at one fast-food joint in NYC.

Shake Shack has received 11 complaints from people who became sick after eating at their East 86th Street and Lexington Avenue establishment. That’s more than any other NYC restaurant in the past year out of a total of 3,220 complaints.

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One fast-food fan claimed he suffered abdominal cramps after chowing down on a Shake Shack burger.

Shake Shack Upper East Side NYC Health Complaints
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But Shake Shack argues the high number of calls could be from a disgruntled ex-employee who has been dialling 311 in order to sabotage the NYC-founded chain.

Second on the list was Brooklyn Deli at Kennedy Airport followed by Whole Foods in Gowanus.

Salad for lunch it is!


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