This Colorful New Café Devoted To Waffles Is Only A Short Train Ride From NYC

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This Colorful New Café Devoted To Waffles Is Only A Short Train Ride From NYC

A café devoted entirely to waffles just opened, and though it’s technically not in NYC, when you see this menu you won’t mind taking a little trip upstate.

Here are just a few of the mouthwatering options:

  • Cookie Monster (chocolate chip waffle/Chips Ahoy crumbs/glaze)
  • Strawbanella (vanilla waffle, strawberries, bananas, nutella)
  • Chocolate Lover (chocolate waffle, Nutella, Kit Kat and Twix crumbs, shredded Hershey’s bar)
  • Bugs Bunny (carrot cake waffle/cream cheese frosting/whipped cream)
  • Fun Fetti (fun fetti waffle, vanilla frosting, rainbow sprinkles)
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Plus, you can turn any of the signature waffles into a chicken & waffles dish, with the choice of boneless (thigh) or bone-in (drumstick and wings)! Incredible.

The Waffle Cafe was actually started by a NYC native, 21-year-old Arlind Gocaj from the Bronx. He went to Iona College and was familiar with the New Rochelle area, so he was excited when he found the perfect space there to open his dream restaurant.

Located at 618 North Ave in New Rochelle, NY, and it’s only about a half hour trip on Metro North from Grand Central (and a 15 minute walk from the station, so you don’t need to order a cab!).

Waffle Cafe / Alexeij Ajkun

Besides just loads of waffles, they serve French toast, savory breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and a wide-range of coffee drinks (some even served in little ice cream cone cups).

Oh, and did we mention the super-Instagramable phone booth and wall art?

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featured image source: Instagram / @spontaneousbites_ct

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