You Can Now Take A Virtual Tour Of London’s Mesmerizing King Tut Exhibit

Alex Landon Alex Landon

You Can Now Take A Virtual Tour Of London’s Mesmerizing King Tut Exhibit

King Tut’s treasures can now be explored online!

There’s isolating with a cat and some houseplants, and then there’s isolating with a wealth of Egyptian treasures. While you might be practicing the former, the Saatchi Gallery in London is doing the latter, although that’s more to do with the fact that the coronavirus outbreak has shuttered their ‘Tutanhkamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh‘ exhibit, rather than just having a predilection for Egyptian bling. Happily though, they’re not just cooling their heels during the current lockdown – they’ve turned part of the exhibition into a lovely little online tour! (Featured image: Saatchi Gallery)

The Tutankhamun exhibit was one of the hottest tickets in London prior to lockdown – and one of the final chances to see the artifacts before their permanent move to Cairo’s Grand Egyptian Museum – so news of the online tour is welcome indeed. The video offers a brief but exciting romp through the exhibit, picking out artifacts such as vases, coffins, and statues, and delving into a few details. Organizers are also promising to dive a little deeper into some of the artifacts over the coming days, so keep an eye on their website for more tantalizing tidbits.

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