This Relaxing At-Home Painting Class Is The Perfect Alternative To Going Out

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

This Relaxing At-Home Painting Class Is The Perfect Alternative To Going Out

With extra time at home, now is the perfect moment to embrace your inner creativity.

This virtual painting class, which includes all the supplies you need, will add some much-needed color to your week for a fun night in. And you don’t even have to leave your couch!

With Paint Nite, Delivered, you’ll receive a 16×20-inch canvas, a paintbrush set (with small, medium and large brushes), an assortment of high quality acrylic paint colors, and a reusable pallet with six paint colors. 

Then sign up for the video class—which takes place every Friday night at 7pm—with an art teacher who will show you how to create a stunning masterpiece right from the comfort of home. A brand new painting is taught every week, so you can definitely make it part of your regular Friday rotation.

They also have private classes so you can do a paint night at any time or date with just your friends! There’s a minimum of eight participants, and you can even request a specific piece of art to work on that they will make doable for beginners. 

Whether you want to give your apartment a quick makeover with new artwork or embrace a new hobby, this paint night is an easy way to turn off all distractions and have a relaxing, art-inspired Friday night.

Or, how about turning it into your own personal “Paint and Sip” night? All you have to do is add the wine!

Everything is delivered contact-free, and you only have to place your order 30 hours in advance to get everything in time for the class.

Get started on your masterpiece here!

Participants will incur delivery costs if they live outside of NYC, or on Staten Island.

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