This Virtual Escape Room Is The Ultimate Cure For Quarantine Boredom

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

This Virtual Escape Room Is The Ultimate Cure For Quarantine Boredom

Test your problem-solving skills and totally immerse yourself in another world with this mind-bending virtual escape room.

Longing for an escape while you’re stuck at home? Well Trap Door Escape Room has transformed their heart-racing, in-person escape rooms into digital experiences that you can decipher from wherever you’re hunkered down! And you can buy tickets right now here.

If you’re bored of baking and watching TV, these experiences will definitely take your indoor activities up a notch. You participate just as you would in a real escape room, solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries, but live from the comfort of your own home. Instead of being in the room, of course, you’ll direct an actor who will take you box by box and follow your directions through a LIVE video feed and chatroom. 

There are three different styles of streams. The “Puzzle Box Style” allows you to direct The Game Master through a series of story-themed locked boxes while you try to beat the clock. In the “Escape Room Style,” you lead character actors in fully immersive, large-scale surroundings. And “Episodic Originals” offer mini-series adventures in the form of weekly episodes. The style of raw, unedited footage will be sure to get your blood pumping!

You can choose between all different scenarios and levels of difficulty. Here are some examples:

  • The Raven Guild Part 1 STREAM ®
    • Puzzle Box Style
    • Difficulty: Medium
  • Buried Alive
    • Episodic Original Style
    • Difficulty: Medium/Hard
  • Cure Z (PG-13)
    • Mega Escape Room Style
    • Difficulty: Hard
  • Day of the Dead
    • Puzzle Box Style
    • Difficulty: Medium

Get your tickets to this one-of-a-kind streaming event here!

Featured image: Courtesy of Trap Door Escape Room

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