Wine-Down From Your Day With This Virtual Happy Hour Yoga Class

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Wine-Down From Your Day With This Virtual Happy Hour Yoga Class

‘Namaste’ with Chardonnay!

If you’ve been having trouble “wine-ing down” at the end of each day during this whole isolation experience, this activity might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Drunk Yoga® has transformed their super popular exercise class into a completely virtual experience that you can now enjoy from anywhere. On Thursday and Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons, ease tension by stretching out your muscles while also treating yourself to a glass of your favorite vino.

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The social, interactive yoga class involves a beginner-friendly vinyasa flow that you can do along with a glass of wine (or drink of your choosing). Each class is one hour long, with the last 10 minutes set aside for a digital “cheers” and chat with the class. The “drunk” in the name really references getting “drunk” on joy by connecting with community, rather than wine, anyway!

Get your tickets to classes on Thursdays and Fridays at 5:30pm, and at 1pm on Saturdays, here!

And if you’re more of a coffee drinker than a wine drinker, have no fear, they also have a special “Espresso Yourself” Quarantine Coffee Yoga class where you can kickstart your day by stretching with a cup of joe in hand. You can get tickets to those here, which take place Mondays at 8am.

If you’re still wondering how you’re going to get away from the kids for that long, they are also offering “Virtual Storytelling Yoga for Kids” classes! They’re only 30 minutes long, so they’ll keep your children’s attention, and are taught by certified yoga instructors with years of experience along with professional theatrical training. You can join in with the kids for some quality time, or let them explore by themselves! Snag tickets to these classes that take place Sundays at 1pm here.

Don’t miss tickets to Drunk Yoga—Quarantine Style, on sale now! 

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