Video: How to Race The NYC Subway on Foot and Win!

Rob Grams Rob Grams

Video: How to Race The NYC Subway on Foot and Win!

Delayed trains, angry straphangers and bewildered tourists, there are tons of reasons not to catch the subway, but only a few ways of beating it to your destination on foot. 

Have you ever tried to race the subway between stops? It’s not as easy as it sounds; picking the right stops to race between, getting off at the correct door to save those precious seconds, picking the right route… sure, we’ve all noted stops that seem unnecessarily close to each other, but by now, like us, you’re thinking it’s way too much effort, and you’d probably be right. …but not for one NYer, this man has made it his mission to break about every record the subway has, and his name is Matthew Ahn.

Last year Ahn broke the record for the fastest time to travel through all of NYC’s subway stations. He traveled through all of the MTA’s 469 (now there are 472) stations in 21 hours, 28 minutes and 14 seconds beating the previous record holder… who was that? Well, Matthew Ahn of course.

Now Mathew is back with the video below, where he answers the question, is it quicker to take the subway from Chambers Street to Park Place, or running the 0.3 miles in between the two stops? Watch the video for the answer:


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