Versailles Is Coming To New York: New Exhibit At The Met

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

Versailles Is Coming To New York: New Exhibit At The Met
Come immerse yourself in the history of what was the most lavish and party crazed court of all of Europe. The Met Museum’s Visitors to Versailles exhibition opens on April 16th. Francophiles won’t want to miss this one!

Next week, a little piece of France will be open to the public at the Met in this new and historical exhibit. According to the Museum website, the Visitors to Versailles exhibition will

“take you through paintings, portraits, furniture, tapestries, carpets, costumes, porcelain, sculpture, arms and armor, and guidebooks. The exhibition will illustrate what visitors encountered at court, what kind of welcome and access to the palace they received, and, most importantly, what impressions, gifts, and souvenirs they took home with them.”

The elaborate palace and its famous gardens were also unusually open to the public, allowing anyone who was decently dressed to enter. However, the French Royal Family also staged elaborate entertainments for their private guests, including fireworks, ballets, and dinners.

So come see how the Sun King and his court lived and share your pics using the hashtag #visitorstoversailles. Check it out here! 

Featured image: dreamstime.com 

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