Artisanal Ice Cream Shop Van Leeuwen Is Expanding Across NYC


Artisanal Ice Cream Shop Van Leeuwen Is Expanding Across NYC
Van Leeuwen has come along way since its humble roots of being a yellow ice cream truck cruising the streets of NYC back in 2008. The brand has expanded into its own mini empire with stores and trucks in NYC and LA.

This artisanal Brooklyn-based ice cream shop has just announced their plan to expand their branch (currently consisting of 7 outposts) to another five locations across the city. They use a selection of natural and fresh ingredients (dairy and non-dairy) to create their own special take on classic flavors we all love, with plenty of vegan options as well.

Their widespread popularity amongst ice cream fans in the city is increasingly growing and their product, packaged in cute pastel-colored pints, is available for purchase in several grocery stores.


Leeuwen’s co-founder has stated that the ultimate goal for the business is to open a total of 50 shops around NYC, so what better time to start than during this transition month into summer. The first new shop has already opened in Nolita at 45 Spring St, so hurry in to go try some of their new flavors. The following shops will be distributed in at these locations: 448 Amsterdam Ave, 145 Greene St, 1625 2nd Ave and 550 Vanderbilt Ave.

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