Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience Is Now Open In NYC, And It’s Breathtaking!

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Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience Is Now Open In NYC, And It’s Breathtaking!

The highly-anticipated Vincent Van Gogh art experience is finally open in the heart of Lower Manhattan — and it has completely blown us away!

Artwork from the iconic post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh comes to life in 360-degree digital exposition that’s currently illuminating and transforming the majestic “Skylight on Vesey” in FiDi into a fully immersive exhibit. You’ll see Van Gogh’s work take over the walls and encompass your surroundings through the lenses of several dozen projectors, hyper-realistic VR headsets, or a mix of both.

After successful exhibits in Atlanta, London, Barcelona and a number of other cities around the world, this incredible exhibition is finally in NYC (and will be making its way to Miami, Boston, Dallas and more shortly!). The multisensory journey through these famous bodies of work is an entirely new way of experiencing art, bringing every stunning detail to life like never before. The experience completely exceeded our expectations, and we’re not just saying that as a bias!

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What we were most struck by is that not only does the exhibit provide a stunning visual spectacle — it actually takes you inside the depths of Van Gogh’s mind, so you understand what he was going through and what stage of life he was in when he created his most iconic works.

Besides just being immersed in vibrant colors (and plenty of social media-worthy photo ops), you’ll walk away with a new depth of knowledge about the artist that lets you experience his work in a much more personal way.

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Greeted by an Instagram-ready wall of beautiful sunflowers, the exhibition is split into three parts to unravel the stories of his art and life.

In the first section, you’ll walk through a timeline of his life and legacy, reading letters to his brother Theo, seeing his sketches and handwriting, learning secrets about his paintings (like how some of the colors we see today are not the same he brought to the canvas), and witnessing his still life paintings blown up on the big screen with added animated elements that bring his artwork into a new era.

Plus, you’ll get a true inside look into his famous painting “Bedroom in Arles”:

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In the next section, you’ll be immersed directly in the paintings themselves — thanks to cutting-edge technology that recreates animated displays of his masterpieces.

Look up at a Starry Night and watch the stars dance around the room in Van Gogh’s iconic style.

After, try coloring the masterpieces yourself at the interactive portion that also displays his sketches and concept drawings.

Or, get an add-on ticket to experience a “Day in the Life” of Van Gogh in a mind-blowing virtual reality journey that will take you through the settings that inspired his most famous works.


Still somehow not convinced? Just read even a few of the truly *rave* reviews from New Yorkers here.

Ready to Gogh? Get your tickets here!

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