A Uterus Vending Machine Is Coming To NYC This Week

Justine Golata Justine Golata

A Uterus Vending Machine Is Coming To NYC This Week

And no, it won’t be for snacks!

Prepare to see a “uterus-adorned vending machine” taking up space in SoHo on Sunday, September 26th Designed by The Pill Club, a women’s telehealth company, New Yorkers will be able find this rather unique vending machine on the corner of Houston & Lafayette.

In lieu of Dorritios, candy bars, and other typical vending machine goodies, this one will be stocked with period care products, condoms, emergency contraception, and much more to kick off World Contraception Day that’s on Sunday, September 26th.

Though condoms can be purchased at every corner store, women’s accessibility to health care products such as birth control is rather difficult and requires a prescription. With nearly 11 million Americans taking birth control, The Pill Club “is hoping to signal how easy it should be” for women to obtain health care products by example of this vending machine, in addition to normalizing birth control.

What exactly will be in the machine:

  • The Pill Club special edition stickers

  • Never-before-seen condoms and lubricant products from The Pill Club

  • Tampons & pads

  • Phone case that holds birth control pill packs

  • Honeypot normal wipes and normal wash

  • Dripstick

  • Vitamins

The event is entirely open to the public and welcomes everyone to stop by for some pictures and to purchase any products they may need.

When: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Where: Corner of Houston & Lafayette

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