Upicnic is About to Make You the Envy of Every Couple in NYC

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Upicnic is About to Make You the Envy of Every Couple in NYC

Whether it’s for an unforgettable date or an impressive corporate event, one NYC company takes the hassle out of picnicking and delivers five-star memories.

Ever thought “What a wonderful day for a picnic,” just to hit the wall when you realize the amount of preparation and work it will take to make it a reality? You wouldn’t be the only one. With all our wonderful parks, summer is almost made for a picnic in New York.

So, how do you get over the hurdle of the immense checklist required to put together a good outdoor meal? Easy, you use Upicnic.

This amazing service takes the sweat out of picnicking by delivering your choice of food, complete with refreshments, basket, and gingham blanket, to an exact location in ANY park in New York City.

Don’t be fooled, Upicnic isn’t just about picnic catering, the company even has an expansive list of games and sports equipment on offer to liven up your outdoor soiree. Not in the mood for their lawn darts or badminton, then stay seated and they’ll bring you Uno and cards against humanity. They even have portable phone chargers, Upicnic has literally thought of it all.

I know what you’re thinking, what an amazing date, right? Yeah, Upicnic has you covered. Their site features pre-prepared picnic packages tailored for certain types of event, everything from a company picnic to a romantic central park picnic …yeah, romance is one of the things on the menu. In their Romantic Package, Upicnic will bring you some snacks to share, Sandwiches and Wraps with fruit and dessert, refreshments… and the kicker? Two red roses and a Bluetooth speaker so you can set the mood with some romantic music.

If an envy-making date isn’t your bag (or basket as it were) their Ultimate New Yorker Package comes with your choice of shareables, sandwiches, desserts, drinks, lawn games, sports games, and a speaker. It can even be scaled up for up to 8 people.

Forget what you had planned for this weekend, Upicnic has your back. For more information how you can land the perfect picnic, pricing and packages, check their official website HERE. You won’t be disappointed.

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