Chicago’s Iconic Underground Donut Tour Is Finally In NYC


Chicago’s Iconic Underground Donut Tour Is Finally In NYC
If you’re a fiend for a good donut, this tour will be absolute heaven for you! The Underground Donut Tour started as a passion project in Chicago 3 years ago. It instantly gathered a cult of donut fans across the city and now it looks like it’s finally coming to NYC!

The NYC donut tour is kicking off today and will run regularly on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from 9-11am. What better place to take this scrumptious tour than to the city that loves their food… from pizza to bagels and now to the many (secret) donut places that you probably have never heard of!


The tour will start at Doughnut Plant with an introduction on what you can expect, followed by entry into the shop. Then, you’ll be taken on a stroll through Chelsea with a few stops on the way and some history about NYC’s biggest landmarks. Over the course of two hours, you’ll be taken to 2 *secret* donut spots followed by the final one in Greenwich Village called the Doughnut Project.

$40 per adult/$20 kids under 10, book here.

Location: Tour starts at Doughnut Plant, 220 W 23rd St.

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