Umbrella Etiquette – A New Yorkers Guide

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

Umbrella Etiquette – A New Yorkers Guide

Rain happens. But in a city of millions of people, rain suddenly makes life really annoying. Because once the umbrellas come out, all hell breaks loose. Here’s the appropriate NY etiquette for umbrellas.

● Don’t Close Umbrellas Above Your Head: Especially when walking up or down subway stairs. Why? Because all the water your umbrella was holding is now on you and the people around you.

● Don’t Use Golf Umbrellas As a Single Person: You know the ones; you could fit a house under there. If you are ONE person, I don’t care how important you are. Do not break out the giant umbrella. You will be seen as a jerk.

● Use Those Plastic Umbrella Bags: Going shopping or into a restaurant? Use those free baggies they give you. Because nothing is worse than walking into Bloomingdale’s and sliding your way into the women’s section.

● Have Spatial Awareness: Do not hit people in the head with your umbrella, or get close enough to poke an eye out with a prong. If it’s that crowded, the best thing to do is either close it and deal with the drizzle or step under somewhere if it’s pouring and wait out the heavier part of the storm. Don’t use it as a battering ram either please.

● Watch Where You Drip: On the subway, just minding your own business, umbrella pointed at the floor? Be careful you aren’t dripping onto someone’s shoes or bag. That could be a serious day ruiner.

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