Uber Driver Goes Viral for Hilariously Accurate Passenger Playlists

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Uber Driver Goes Viral for Hilariously Accurate Passenger Playlists
When you get into an Uber you can never be sure what the experience will be like. Will the driver be chatty? How about the music? Will they let you play your own? It’s a gamble every time. However, if you get Twitter user @TEEJUS as a driver you’ll be in for quite the experience!

In a tweet that’s gone viral, TJ Jones created 11 playlists that are hilariously specific to the passengers that get into his car.

Titles for his playlists include “quiet ppl,” “basic 20-30s,” “white dudes who look like they like rap,” and “heady bros.” If you think you’re being judged, you kind of are…but honestly, if he’s spot on and the passengers love his music selection does it really matter? What can we say, he knows his audience and how to read people!

“Heady bros” includes music by Wavves, Nirvana, and Jimi Hendrix, while “fucking hipsters” will jam out to Neutral Milk Hotel, The Drums, and Joy Again.

Since going viral, TJ Jones has a newfound Spotify following with thousands of people enjoying his playlist selections. Over 6-thousand people are following the playlists “white dudes who look like they like rap” and “quiet ppl,” with over 5-thousand also following “fucking hipsters” and “basic 20-30s.” Clearly Jones is onto something, and it doesn’t seem like anyone minds since the music choices seem to be spot on.

Featured image source: Spotify / TJ Jones Public Playlists