The Types of Apartment you’ll run into when Apartment Hunting in NYC

Rob Grams Rob Grams

The Types of Apartment you’ll run into when Apartment Hunting in NYC

We’ve all done it, the dreaded apartment hunt. It’s a pain anywhere, but especially so in NYC. No matter how great the listing looks online, chances are you are going to trek all the way to Queens to find out they forgot to mention there’s no ceiling. Here are some of the apartments you’ll probably run into when apartment hunting;

  • The one with the sink/tub in the kitchen: Yes, these really do exist. They aren’t mythical tales that adults tell as horror stories. There is actually a reason for this; old tenement buildings were designed this way so that people could boil water in the kitchen and conveniently bathe with it in the same room. Or, throw the dishes into the tub to soak. Here’s hoping you don’t run into one of these now, but maybe you can use it as negotiation leverage?


  • The one with the faux walls: That 3 bedroom with the amazing price in Cobble Hill? Don’t be fooled. It’s likely a one bedroom that convenient had fake walls put up to cut that one nice bedroom into 3 Harry Potter under-the-stairs type living spaces. This is really common and never any less terrible


  • The one with the view… of the elevated subway: “Short walk to the subway!” the ad reads. Awesome, cut down on your commute, right? Oh wait, they mean you can literally step out your window and onto the subway tracks because the N train is RIGHT THERE. And you will hear each and everyone, day and night. On the bright side, you’ll probably have the train schedule memorized.


  • The one with the railroad layout: Do you love your roommates? So much so, that you want to walk through their bedrooms just to get to your own every night? How about walk through them just so you can get to the bathroom in the morning? It might not seem so bad at first, but you will slowly resent each other until one day, said roommate is leaving dangerous obstacle courses in your way.


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