This Two-Night Performance at the Guggenheim is the Future of Dance

Rob Grams Rob Grams

This Two-Night Performance at the Guggenheim is the Future of Dance

Music, art, fashion, and dance come together in this two-night technological wonder of art in motion. Falls the Shadow opens today and is a once in a lifetime experience in 360 degrees. 

The Guggenheim’s Works & Process Performing Arts Series launches today with the spectacular Falls the Shadow. The 30 minute show was created by Daniil Simkin, the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) principal. Falls the Shadow features Simkin, ABT soloist Cassandra Trenary, Hubbard Street dancer Ana Lopez, and Brett Conway with choreography by Alejandro Cerrudo.

This isn’t just a dance show, the performance incorporates 3-D mapped visuals. The performers’ movements are captured and tracked in real time by motion sensors then effects are projected onto the surface of the Guggenheim rotunda to create an immersive experience that merges the dance with the building itself.

Last but not least, the performance also incorporates the world of fashion as all the performers elegantly clad in outfits designed by fashion giants, Dior.

This 30-minute performance will be viewed from the ramps, and though you’ll be stood for the performance, the lights and visuals will literally immerse you in the event. Tickets are priced at $40 take a look at the video below for what’s in store for you at Falls the Shadow.

You can get a better look at the amazing visuals, and 3D mapped projections here:

Featured image source [guggenheim]