Twitter’s Merciless (and Hilarious) Reaction to Fire at Trump Tower NYC

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Twitter’s Merciless (and Hilarious) Reaction to Fire at Trump Tower NYC
On Monday morning the news broke about a small electrical fire on the roof of Donald Trumps New York City Tower. As you can imagine, social media erupted. Here are some of our favorite reactions.

Around 7 am on Monday morning the New York Fire Department responded to a fire on the roof of Trump Tower. The source of the blaze was a heating and cooling unit, and FDNY soon had the fire under control. Eric Trump took to Twitter to put our minds at ease.

As with all things “Trump,” the fire dominated the morning news cycle and provoked an immediate, satirical response from Social media users.

Twitter users were quick to notice that the white smoke that poured from the top of the tower looked a lot like the roof of the Vatican when a new pope is chosen.

Other Tweeps noted the similarity with another famous “Tower.”

Some saw a metaphor for the presidents relationship with the truth.

Others noted the suspicious timing with the release of the explosive “Fire and Fury” book.

Some even drew parallels between the tower and the Clinton property in Chappaqua.

…in fact Hilary just can’t catch a break.

…but neither can President Trump.

In fact, can any of us catch a break in 2018?

Featured image source [Twitter | JNysteveo2AOLcom]

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