Twitter just destroyed Gov. Cuomo over the State of the NYC Subway

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Twitter just destroyed Gov. Cuomo over the State of the NYC Subway

When New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, posted a tweet boasting about Audi’s autonomous vehicles on the highways of NYC, twitter had some harsh words for him… and they didn’t hold back. 

Remember the heady days of yore when Twitter was a social network and not just a platform for politicians to embarrass themselves? Ahhh, yeah, those were the days.

When Governor Cuomo decided it was time to brag about Autonomous Vehicles on the streets of our great state, New York City’s Twitter-users took it as an opportunity to refocus the governor’s attention. Here is tweet posted by Cuomo that caused the fuss:

There are LITERALLY hundreds of versions of the phrase “Fix the Subway,” so we’ll include one and move on to some more creative responses… (just in case you don’t believe us, check for yourself here)

There… but Twitter isn’t all about straightforward demands, here are some clever variations on the theme:

…and after literally hundreds of tweet’s saying “Fix the Subway,” of course, this:

We have seriously only scratched the surface here, the responses run the gambit between humor, pleading, and venomous anger. A message was sent, loud and clear, whether it will be heard is another matter entirely.

Featured image source [Flickr | Shinya Suzuki]


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