This “Twin Tower” Mattress Sale Has Caused a National 9/11 Sh*t Storm

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This “Twin Tower” Mattress Sale Has Caused a National 9/11 Sh*t Storm

A San Antonio mattress company aired a “Twin Tower sale” video, days before the 15th anniversary of the deadly attack that killed nearly 3,000 people in our city.

At this point we’re not going to describe the video. You wouldn’t believe us anyway, it’s something you need to see with your own eyes.


Understandably, on Facebook there were numerous requests to boycott the store.

Miracle Mattress posted an apology on its Facebook page saying in part:

“To all of those who have seen our 9/11 sale. We are very sorry we have offended you. Our intentions were not to hurt anyone at all.”

Read the full letter here:

The company has since taken down the video but several copies like the one above are circulating online. We think the following comment from a fellow NYer on the Miracle Mattress Facebook Page sums it up for all of us:

Reporters at KSATnews, “attempted numerous calls to the company, but no one answered the phone.” They also attempted to visit the store and found that “its doors were locked and no one was seen inside.

Featured image source [facebook]

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