Try Not to Get Sucked Into The ‘Upside Down’ From This Midtown Hotel Room

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Try Not to Get Sucked Into The ‘Upside Down’ From This Midtown Hotel Room

Although the second season of “Stranger Things” came out exactly a week ago—and you’ve likely already binged through the nine new episodes—you can keep the portal to the upside down open long past your binge-watching has ended.

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Will is not alone.

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NYC’s Gregory Hotel has created an epic promotion for fans of this eerie show. From now until August 30, 2018 you can spend a weekend in a room completely dedicated to all things “Stranger Things.” To stay in this room you’ll have to ask for the “Ex-stream-ly Cosy Package.” It is intended for fans to hang out and stream the entire season from the comfort of their hotel bed.


Even if you’ve finished the season, you have quite a while to wait to find out what happens next. In the meantime, this room will bring you into the show since it is completely “Stranger Things”-themed (of course). There are Eggo waffles to eat (eleven of them exactly), canned House Wine to sip, a tapestry of “Will’s message from the Upside Down” on the wall, themed pillowcases, and a mug you can take home (which says “Friends Don’t Lie”).

Featured image source: Facebook / The Gregory New York