Would You Try This Insane Fireball Whisky Bagel?

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Would You Try This Insane Fireball Whisky Bagel?

It may not be in NYC, but it’s close enough. The Bagel Nook is back at it again. This time with a bagel that honestly looks more like a donut. 

How many people genuinely like Fireball whisky? Well, if you’re someone that answered “me!” then this is the perfect bagel for you. The Bagel Nook has created a fireball-tasting bagel by directly pouring fireball into the dough. 

Now, since the whisky is poured into the dough before baking, the bagels themselves aren’t boozy just have the flavor of Fireball. However you do have to be 21 years old to order one.

After baking the bagels are dipped in a glaze (made with Fireball as well) and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. No, fireball cream cheese is not added to this bagel creation, because THAT would be overkill (although the option is available…). Instead you’ll get a solid helping of apple pie cream cheese.

No, we’re not kidding.

This is a frat’s dream—especially now with early-morning football game tailgates that include early drinking with a side of breakfast. Or maybe that was only the college I went to…?

Regardless, they don’t look awful. If you’re a fan of the cinnamon whisky you’ll probably really enjoy these. For the rest of us, we’re perfectly happy just watching from afar via Instagram.

The Bagel Nook is well-known for continuously developing new, awesome, and insane bagel combinations.

They’ve created the Fruity Pebbles bagels

The Cookie Monster Overload

The Flaming Hot Cheetos Overload Bagel

And the Overload Oreo Bagel.

If you do want to try one of these insane bagels but don’t want to venture over to the dark side of Jersey you’re in luck! The Bagel Nook ships across the country.

Featured image source [Facebook/The Bagel Nook]

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