Try A “Funkadelic” Lava Lamp Cocktail at This Harlem ’70s Themed Bar

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Try A “Funkadelic” Lava Lamp Cocktail at This Harlem ’70s Themed Bar

The weird and wonderful Lava Lamp Cocktail might only be the this Harlem bars second weirdest drink!  Squeeze your self into your flared jeans, tease your ‘fro, and head over to The Honeywell, can you dig?

The seventies is strong in the city! After all, we potentially have a corrupt president, there are protests on the streets, all we need is someone to bring back platform shoes and we’re practically there.

If you’re looking for a little of that ’70s flavor without turning the clock back 40 years on the countries civil liberties,  The Honeywell in Harlem might just be the ticket.

The Honeywell is a ’70s themed cocktail bar with one of the grooviest secret-menu drinks in NYC. Ladies and gentlemen, The Funkadellic! A cocktail served in a mini LED lit lava lamp:

The cocktail contains dry vermouth, pisco, velvet falernum, citric acid and tonic water, and they achieve that “lava” effect using pebble ice and red wine ice cubes. As the wine melts it pours between the ice cubes giving that lava lamp feel.

We DID say it’s the second weirdest drink on the menu, here’s a bonus… check it out, a cocktail served in a bong:

Bong or drink???‍♀️

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You can find The Honeywell at 3604 Broadway, Tuesday to Sunday at 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

Featured image source [jesvalm | instagram]

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