What to try at the Canal Street Market

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What to try at the Canal Street Market

In Chinatown right off the Canal St subway stop is the relatively new Canal Street Market. The market is split in two with food venues on one side and shops on the other (with the exception of Office Coffee, which also has some merchandise for sale).

The market has some city newcomers, but mostly features our favorites all in one place. There’s something for any mood you may be in, from light superfood smoothies to hardy Korean barbecue; these are our recommendations of what to try:


Samurice is most well-known for their snackable onigiri, but that’s not what they’re serving up here. They’ve teamed up with Japanese restaurant Izakaya to bring you delicious food like Japanese curry rice and bento options. Our recommendation: the drip ochazuke. They use the same technique you’d see a barista use for drip coffee, but instead pouring broth over your soup.

Nom Wah Kuai


The dumpling here are incredibly savory and satisfying, but if you’re looking for a larger meal we highly recommend the braised pork belly rice bowl. All the rice bowls at Nom Wah Kuai come with a tea egg, pickles, and cabbage.

Petee’s Pie

Petee’s Pie is what to try if you’re in the mood for something indulgent. It’s located in the spot where vendors will switch out seasonally so be sure to get your blueberry shortcake (or sweet treat of choice) here while you still can!


This new vegan smoothie bar can only be found at the Canal Street Market, and is perfect for a midday refresher. They create vibrant and colorful smoothie bowls with fresh ingredients that are light and energizing. For a colorful lunch order the Sonny bowl (which is made with blue Majik, pineapple, banana, coconut milk, coconut flakes, pomegranate, and bee pollen).


Enjoy everything about Korean bbq at OPPA. Order the bulgogi beef rice bowl (made with soy marinated steak, lettuce, rice, gochujang vinaigrette, pickled vegetables, kimchi, OPPA sauce, sesame leaf, and scallions) and watch them torch the meat right in front of you.

Featured image source [Lulu on Canal]

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