Trump Tower’s Pizza Sends Twitter into a Frenzy

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Trump Tower’s Pizza Sends Twitter into a Frenzy

We don’t order pizza from cookie-cutter franchises because we know what good pizza tastes like. The best pizza is served right here in NYC …and apparently the worst too. 

One of the things New Yorkers pride themselves on is our pizza, that’s why we gasp at the idea of ordering from a franchise, we know who makes the best pizza, or at least we have our favorite.  Thanks to Politico writer, Annie Karni, we now know who makes the worst pizza in the city.

When Karni tweeted a photo of a trump tower pizza with the caption “So glad to be back in NYC, specifically for the famous Trump Tower pizza” it didn’t take Twitter long to go nuts. We don’t know how “famous” Trump Tower pizza was before this tweet, but it certainly is now …and for all the wrong reasons.

You’d be forgiven for thinking someone had sneezed on a Ritz cracker, no, that’s actually what the pizza at Trump Tower looks like. And if you did think that, you wouldn’t be alone:

…of course, Ritz is just the first brand that came to mind, the point is:

How much would this “pizza” cost you? According to the trump tower menu, $11.50. Yeah, you’ve probably had more satisfying prostate exams.

FOR SURE the politico reporter was being sarcastic with her photo, but when you hand over the reigns to twitter, they turn the humor up to 11. Here are some of our favorite responses:

And Finally. With the country more divided than ever, it’s nice to see us come together over something:

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