Trump Banned From Speaking To The NYPD

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Trump Banned From Speaking To The NYPD

Late last week a representative from the Trump campaign asked police commissioner Bill Bratton if the presidential hopeful could address officers at athe 3pm roll call in NYPD Midtown North Precinct.

The request comes hot on the heals of the tragedy in Dallas where where five officers sadly lost their lives during a protest over a police shooting.

Commissioner Bratton emphatically rejected the request, “Our interest is staying out of the politics of the moment, and not to provide photo ops”.

According to nydailynews, The request to address the NYPD came from Trump’s head of security Keith Schiller, a former NYPD detective. If that name rings-a-bell it’s because it’s the same man who allegedly got physical with a Trump protester.

This isn’t the first clash between Commissioner Bratton and Trump. Bratton publicly denounced Trumps stand on blocking Muslims from entering the US, saying “It works against the ability of police in this country to develop relationships with the communities” .

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