This Trippy Café Turns Your Matcha Experience into Modern Art

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Bowery just got a new matcha café, and it’s probably the most photo-friendly coffee shop you’ll visit. With the amount of images people upload to Instagram of their teas and coffees on a daily basis, it was only a matter of time before the art world took notice.

MoMaCha recently opened at 312 Bowery, and not only are the drinks vibrant and colorful, but the entire café is an art installation.

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The name is a mix between MoMa and matcha (clearly), and the menu is primarily match-related, including:

Matcha Lattes,

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Matcha Tonics,

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and Matcha Soft Serve.

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Oh, and they made adorable latte art.

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…AND these delicious Ube balls.

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While the drinks are pretty and bright, the art is trippy and on rotation. Currently on display at the gallery café is artist Dan Lam’s Drips, Squishes, and Blobs “sculptures made of foam, resin, and acrylic” and covered with acrylic “spikes” and Swarovski crystals.

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featured image source: Instagram / @miminisanat