New Yorkers May Be Allowed To Visit London Soon Thanks To Proposed ‘Transatlantic Air Bridge’

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New Yorkers May Be Allowed To Visit London Soon Thanks To Proposed ‘Transatlantic Air Bridge’

Discussions about an air bridge between London and New York could result in quarantine-free travel between the two cities.

It has been nearly six months since the beginning of lockdown, and our travel plans are still being rudely interrupted by coronavirus. Both national and international travel are proving a great feat at the moment, with many countries closing their borders and implementing quarantine regulations.

As it stands, Americans can visit the UK but must quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. Luck may be changing though, as “senior level” talks between American officials and the UK government are raising the prospect of an air bridge between New York and London. This would permit travel between the two cities with no self-isolation period afterwards, essentially creating a travel corridor.

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A source told The Telegraph that “There are discussions going on at a very senior level around opening up London and New York. They are at a very early stage but it is vital to get business going with a major trading partner especially as we near Brexit.”

“Public health remains the UK’s top priority and we are committed to tackling this virus while enabling a sustainable and responsible return to international travel.”

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This spring, both London and New York were reporting extremely high numbers of coronavirus cases. However, after implementing lockdown, quarantines, and other safety measures, they are now seeing low transmission rates and have been deemed ‘low risk’ zones. The promising situation has led to the air bridge discussions, and may eventually allow us to take a long awaited trip across the pond.

London and New York’s tourism industries would greatly benefit from the air bridge. Both cities heavily rely on tourism, and their economies have been greatly affected by the pandemic, making this air bridge a win win situation.

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While this is all very exciting, don’t book your flights just yet, as the officials haven’t come to a final decision. But fingers crossed, we’ll be able to go to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of in no time!

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