Beloved Tracks Bar At Penn Station Is Set To Close Due To Upcoming Construction


Beloved Tracks Bar At Penn Station Is Set To Close Due To Upcoming Construction
It’s the end of an era… after 16 years of being a happy place for commuters travelling through Penn Station, Tracks Raw Bar & Grill is one of the many businesses to get cut as the station’s re-modelling swiftly approaches.

News has been circulating over the past couple days about long time favorite, Tracks Bar, closing its doors at the end of August, as renovations on Penn Station begin. For those that aren’t that familiar with the bar, its come to be the go-to watering hole for those in transit at Penn Station who want to kill some time, blow off some steam or what have you before they hop on the LIRR and NJ Transit line. Since opening in 2003, Tracks has managed to cultivate a cult following filled with loyal regulars who actually enjoy the overall ambience and community found inside, despite its rather unconventional location. Think of Grand Central’s Oyster Bar, but way more affordable, laid-back and less bougie, with a raw bar of its own.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the other businesses set to close include: Jamba Juice, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, however none have matched the same disappointment and emotional reaction brought about by Tracks’ closing. Penn Station’s $600 million construction project starts next week, with a projected timeline of 2020 as the end date. You have just over a month and a half to soak up Tracks in all its glory before the doors shut on August 31st, as of now, there’s been no update on whether we can expect it to re-open once the construction finishes. 

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