Toy Elephants Will Rain Down on Washington Street

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Toy Elephants Will Rain Down on Washington Street
It won’t be raining men, but it will be raining elephants in Dumbo on Thursday—on the most photographed street in NYC.

The Great Dumbo Drop is a free block party on Washington Street that will raise money for Dumbo’s public schools. The event features thousands of elephants with parachutes that will be dropped down onto the street from surrounding rooftops. Each elephant you adopt is $20, and the free event will feature live performances, arts & crafts, food from neighborhood restaurants, drinks, and a silent auction. Needless to say, there’ll be plenty to do.

You have until tomorrow (Sept. 27) to adopt an elephant, so get on it if you want to participate! If not, no worries, you can still attend and watch the spectacle. 


The block party will run from 5-8pm on Thursday, Sept. 28. At exactly 6pm all the toy elephants will come raining down from the rooftops, with their parachutes, so you won’t be pelted by toys.

Whoever’s adopted elephant lands closest to the set target on the ground will win a $500 neighborhood shopping spree, and the toys can be taken home once the drop has ended.

Featured image source [Photo Modified: Flickr/dumbonyc /CC by 2.0]

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