Top 5 Weirdest food trends NYC has ever seen

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

Top 5 Weirdest food trends NYC has ever seen

When foods become trendy, it usually starts right here in New York City. And we’ve seen them all, the great, the no-so-great, and the downright weird. And somehow, these foods blow up to be the biggest thing of the summer, the year, or sometimes longer.

1. The Rainbow Bagel


The Rainbow Bagel made little to no sense. As cool looking as it was, it didn’t taste any different from a regular bagel. And when you bite into a rainbow bagel, you expect a rainbow of flavor! Not so. You can still pick up rainbow bagels, but they’ve definitely lost their appeal pretty quickly.

2. Gold Flakes


No kidding, we’re talking about gold (and sometimes silver) flakes on things… usually ice cream. Serendipity 3 came up with a golden sundae that only costs oh, $25,000.

3. Sushito


Burritos? Yummy. Sushi? Also yummy. Combining them together sounds like a disaster but it’s actually taken off as one of the more popular weird food trends in the city. The name could use a little work, but really, a giant sushi roll wrapped like a burrito really does sound like heaven.

4. Artisanal Mayo


Yes, this was a thing, and yes, of course, it was located in Brooklyn. In fact, when Empire Mayonnaise opened up in its Prospect Heights area, it became the butt of jokes everywhere. Sad to say, it has since closed. Not really much of a surprise.

5. Coffee Cones


Like ice cream, but prefer a caffeine rush over a sugar rush? Get a coffee cone! Yes, that’s literally a latte served to you in an ice cream cone. Word is you need to eat this baby PRETTY fast, or you’re going to have one sopping wet waffle cone to contend with.

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