The Top 5 Side-Splitting Stand Up Comedy Shows in NYC

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The Top 5 Side-Splitting Stand Up Comedy Shows in NYC
God knows we could all use a good laugh. 2018 has brought the best new comedy to the city, some familiar faces, and some new. Here is our rundown of the 5 funniest shows in the city.
Laughs for two at Eastville Comedy Club


Come in for a chuckle and stay for the old-school comedy club environment. East Village’s funniest spot, East Ville Comedy, is on a mission to get you to laugh, guffaw, howl and roar like never before. And thanks to their lineup of experienced TV and film comedians, you’ll be laughing from “mic check-mic check” to the last set. Come see the funniest people in funny business at the vintage EastVille Comedy Club!

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Laughs for two at The Broadway Comedy Club


Grab a friend and head to popular and intimate spot, Broadway Comedy Club. You’ll be treated to an eclectic mix of stand-up comedians sure to keep you laughing all night long. Then the day after, you’ll remember a joke and chuckle some more. Now that’s value right there. This bi-level comedy haven located in the heart of the Theatre District will put you and a friend through a real laugh marathon!

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Drinks & Laughs For two at Stand Up NY


Why did Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Louis CK cross the road? To perform at Stand Up NY, duh. Since 1986, this comedy club has kept New Yorkers laughing with sets from some of the brightest in the business like Amy Schumer, Artie Lange, and Aziz Ansari, rightfully earning its title as the “incubator of stand-up nobility” by New York Magazine. Besides a guaranteed kickass lineup, the venue has a sleek, modern design and upgraded versions of everyone’s favorite bar snacks like smothered waffle fries and jalapeño poppers. Come out for a night that’s way funnier than your weird roommate’s creepy jokes.

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Greenwich Village Comedy Club for two 


Need laughs? Grab a friend and head over to Greenwich Village Comedy Club. The best comics in the nation are standing by the mic, ready with their best bits and prepared to make you guffaw and hoot in delight. The club attracts funny fans from around the world and celebrities like Montel Williams, Andre Aggasi and Jimmy Fallon! Get an extra pair of socks, cause these comics will knock yours off!

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Stand Up Comedy for two at New York Comedy


Just watching one episode of Netflix, making cats not hate humans… Some things are impossible to achieve. But stepping into New York Comedy Club and keeping a straight face, that’s the most impossible thing there is. New York Comedy Club has been serving up the best comedy in the city since 1989. The classic brick wall behind the stage, candlelit showroom and traditional drink menu all pay tribute to its legacy and other classic comedy clubs. NYCC features the best comedians in the city 7 nights a week, plus an updated front bar with pre and post-show drink specials and whole new fun, anything-can-happen vibe. You’ll walk out in stitches, with your belly aching from laughing, and even with a few face muscles strained from guffawing, but it’ll be totally worth it.

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Featured image source [New York Comedy Club| Facebook]

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