Top 3 Second-Hand Clothing Shops in NYC

Rob Grams Rob Grams

Top 3 Second-Hand Clothing Shops in NYC

NYC is one of the most expensive cities to live in, and your wallet is probably hurting every day. This doesn’t mean you can’t look great on a low budget. The city is full of gems of vintage, thrift and secondhand clothing shops that stock all the things that the people who DO live a New York life of luxury donate when they move on to new trends. So yeah, you can rock those designer duds if you check these stores out!

  1. L Train Vintage
    ltrainvintageOK, so this actually covers several locations, as L Train Vintage is the founding company of various stores like Urban Jungle, No Relation, and the eponymously named L Train Vintage stores around Brooklyn and Manhattan. They are a true vintage store with great prices; they don’t inflate any prices like some other vintage stores do, so you can actually get a sweet outfit for $20 at any of their locations.

  2. Housing Works
    housingworksAnother company with multiple stores around the city, but they have some of the best digs you’ll find. They only sell higher end labels and while they might not be as cheap as Goodwill down the street, you are guaranteed to find awesome labels like Diane Von Furstenberg, Prada and Burberry.

  3. Goodwill Outlet
    goodwilloutletSpeaking of Goodwill, if you want dirt cheap deals and don’t mind spending some time digging through clothes, then you’ve got to check out the Goodwill Outlet in Long Island City, Queens. It’s different from your typical Goodwill in that they dump piles of clothes into bins and you get to go searching for the coolest stuff, at a fraction of the price, since you pay by the pound. Say what!
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