Tipsy Scoop To Open Second Barlour In Williamsburg This May


Tipsy Scoop To Open Second Barlour In Williamsburg This May
What better way to kick off the start of May (and warmer weather hopefully) than with some tasty, boozy ice cream! Tipsy Scoop is opening their second location in Williamsburg on May 11th and there’s a lucky treat in store for the first 100 customers in line.

If you’re wondering what on earth a “barlour” is, it stands for bar-ice cream parlour, which is exactly what Tipsy Scoop is in a nutshell. Possibly one of the most unique ice cream shops out there, not only do you satisfy your sweet tooth with their delicious flavors, but you also get a little buzz in the process. Name a better pre-game! Their original flavors (a scoop contains 5% ABV aka a light beer) include: Spiked Mint Chocolate Chip (a favorite), Chocolate Stout + Pretzel, Cake Batter Vodka Martini (this is a must try!) and more.

Here’s the really good news: the first 100 customers on the day of the opening will be awarded with a $1 single scoop of their seasonal flavor… sounds like the dream appetiser, right? This Williamsburg location will be slightly different to the Manhattan flagship, as the interior will reflect more of a vintage ice cream parlour vibe. Obviously, alcohol infused flavors are strictly 21+ so make sure you bring a valid ID (there’s a bouncer at the door, so no funny business). Don’t worry, there’s also non-alcoholic flavors available for all the minors.┬áCheck out NYC’s best ice cream spots here, we also gotchu covered with vegan options.

Location: 270 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn

featured image: instagram.com/tipsyscoop

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