Thousands Of New Yorkers Shared Post-Election Feelings In This Beautiful Project

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Thousands Of New Yorkers Shared Post-Election Feelings In This Beautiful Project

We know not all of you were Hillary supporters, or support the demonstrations that have taken place around the city over the last two days. THAT is why you must love “Subway Therapy” project. It has been a source of solace, hope and comfort to those that have found themselves disenfranchised with the system over the last few days, all without the vitriolic hate spewed by both sides over that last few days.

Undeniably, it has been an emotional time in NYC, and while some people in our fair city have been celebrating the win of the anti-establishment President-elect, others are experiencing sadness, fear, hopelessness and anger. In an attempt not to get stuck in the same loop of rhetoric many media agencies have found themselves in, we’ll just say this:

Even the most hardened Trump supporter can understand the sadness felt by women, ethnic minority’s and the LGBT community during the post-election fallout. While we hope most of the President-elects statements over the election period were mostly hyperbole, it has been hard for many communities in this great and diverse city to find their footing after the result. THAT is makes the “Subway Therapy” project so special.

At some point during Wednesday, sticky notes bearing phrases of hope, and comfort (and of course… some anger) began appearing on the wall of the 14th St–Sixth Ave subway station. Messages like; “we will never give up,” “lift every voice,” and  “This too shall pass.”

Before we get into some pictures from the project, the artist responsible, Levee, posted the following eloquent message on his site. It’s food for thought in the weeks leading up to President-elect Trumps inauguration in January.

I think getting upset is natural, but don’t just be upset. Don’t just be angry. Don’t just be fearful. Don’t let your energy and power go to waste. Do something that is good. Encourage healthy conversation. Be good to one another. Do something that helps people to understand each other. It may feel good to shout F@#$ Trump, but take a step back and think about what comes after that. That type of hate speech fuels the divisive machine. Channel your energy into something that will bring people together. If I can do it, you can do it. – Levee 2016

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We shall overcome.

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