Thousands Join The Fight To Make The “Fearless Girl” A Permanent Fixture On Wall Street

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Thousands Join The Fight To Make The “Fearless Girl” A Permanent Fixture On Wall Street

Few works of public art capture the heart and minds of New Yorkers like the “Fearless Girl.” With the deadline to her removal quickly approaching tens of thousands of people are rallying to keep her exactly where she is.  

What began life as a PR stunt, Wall Street’s “Fearless Girl” has become the subject of thousands of selfie’s and a symbol of empowerment for countless NYC women. As the four foot tall bronze statue marches ever closer to it’s April 2 removal date, ten’s of thousands of people are making it clear that they want the statue to stay.

More on the fearless girl:

Public Advocate Letitia James kicked off talk about keeping the statue last week, and since then the movement has spread to include Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Manhattan Borough President Gail Brewer. In a press conference over the weekend Maloney said:

“To get a fair shot in business, women have to stand fearless in front of the real life charging bull of gender discrimination, and go above and beyond their male counterparts to be viewed as equal, […] Fearless Girl is each of us; she embodies the resiliency that each woman must possess, and I believe it is essential that she remain in her spot permanently,”

The statue has garners more than it’s fair share of support from regular NYers. Two petitions have surfaced, one on ThePetitionSite which, as of writing this article, has reached over 31 thousand signatures, and the other on Change.org is currently on over 23 thousand signatures.

As for we SecretNYCers, on our poll last week the results were clear. See for yourself below.

We would love to see our “Fearless Girl” stay. Whether the Mayors office will really listen to the public outcry is unclear, but in the face of the back and fourth regarding the stature, she stands, resolute, fearless.

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