This Free Breakfast Festival Coming to NYC Will Leave You Full Until Dinner

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This Free Breakfast Festival Coming to NYC Will Leave You Full Until Dinner

If my mom is to be believed, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That must make this food festival the most important in the city, right? 

Extra Crispy is a website dedicated to breakfast and brunch, they cover everything from breakfast recipes and brunch cocktails to food news and foodie travel. If anyone is an expert on the most important meal of the day, it is these guys. This year they are bringing The Extra Crispy BreakFestival back to NYC, and we couldn’t be more excited!

The Extra Crispy BreakFestival is a food and drink festival devoted entirely to your morning meal. Twenty of New York city’s leading purveyors of eggs-quisite morning eats will be there showcasing food and drinks (both alcoholic and not) all day and into the evening. Egg-cited yet? (ok… enough egg puns, we get it, it’s eggs-cessive)

Just in case the delicious breakfast grub wasn’t enough to get you to Brooklyn for the event, there will also be a DJ and bocce ball, oh, and did we mention that the event is FREE?!

Restaurants participating in the festival include:

Atlantic Social
Boulton & Watt
Claus Meyer’s Great Northern Food Hall
Colson Patisserie
Court St. Grocers
Dough Doughnuts
Ends Meat
Jianbing Company
Nom Wah
Petee’s Pies
Society Cafe
Speedy Romeo
Talde Brooklyn
Wartega Beer
White Mustache
…and more 

The Extra Crispy BreakFestival will be held on Saturday June 10 at 12 pm going on through until 8 pm at the Industry City Food Hall, 274 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY. Find more information HERE. See you all there!

Featured image source [Wikimedia Commons]

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