Indonesia’s Gojek Food Delivery Service Made A Crazy Delivery To NYC This Weekend

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Indonesia’s Gojek Food Delivery Service Made A Crazy Delivery To NYC This Weekend
The most epic delivery service ever, Gojek flew out local Indonesian food to New York City when rapper Rich Brian expressed he missed the cuisine.

Many people miss foods that remind them of home when they’re in a new or a different place, and artists are no different. Over the weekend, Brian Imanuel Soewarno (or Rich Brian) tweeted to the world (or at least his 1.49M followers) that he missed Indonesian food as he was leaving his home country to head to NYC.

In response to the tweet, Gojek Indonesia said: “DM us your address, and let us know what you miss eating.” To which Brian clarified: “Dm sent but seriously im in new york hahaha”

For most people ordering food delivery from the other side of the world, that would like be where the conversation ends and everyone has a good laugh at a good joke. But instead, on Monday July 22, a Gojek delivery man showed up at Brian’s door in NYC with his actual food order!!

After the tweets went viral, Gojek admitted that: “Yooo… Kita aja nggak nyangka bakal kejadian. Awalnya cuma bales-balesan tweet, eh jadi beneran!” [Translation:”Yooo … We just didn’t expect it to happen. At first it was just tweeting back and forth, eh but it became real!”]

Rich Brian, who’s best known for his 2016 viral hit “Dat Stick” is an Indonesian rapper who was on his way back to NYC after meeting with the Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo and showing him a new single called “Kids”.
featured image source:  Twitter via @88rising

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