This Couple Got Married on a New York City Bus and It Was Beautiful

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This Couple Got Married on a New York City Bus and It Was Beautiful

If you’re planning a wedding, perhaps your first thought wouldn’t be the westbound M14 bus in New York City. One couple who did just that might just change your mind. 

New York City buses aren’t even my first choice for getting around the city, let alone getting married. At least that’s the way I used to think, but one couple has sold me on the idea that there’s some romance hidden in the corners of our city buses.

Kara Mullins, a trends forecaster, and OJ Jimenez, an artist/writer, don’t look at city buses like you and I. Where we see slow-moving mobile sweat boxes, they see the seeds of their burgeoning romance. That’s why, last Sunday, the creative couple decided to tie the knot on a westbound M14 bus driving down 14th Street.

The seeds of love were planted for these two back in 2004. According to an NY1 report, Jimenez first locked eyes with his wife on the M14 bus, then in a display of pure kismet, he saw her in a bar later that day. That’s not the only reason they decided to celebrate their nuptials on the M14, cementing the bus’ impact on their relationship,  Jimenez even decided to propose to his then girlfriend on the bus.

The wedding itself required meticulous planning. Mullins even boarded at a later stop, “a la” walking down the aisle, then delivered their vows on a 20 minute uninterrupted stretch of the bus’ route.

Went on a wedding test run today. Feeling all the feels ???

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We’ll get to their wedding photos in a second, first check out the whole ceremony in the video below. Feel free to skip to ten minutes in if you want to see the best part of the ceremony:

OJ + Kara: A NYC Wedding from Good Peoples on Vimeo.

…and finally, for you hopeless romantics, here’s an Instagram photo gallery:

Married my best friend yesterday ✨????✨? #okny2017

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Featured image source [OJ + Kara: A NYC Wedding from Good Peoples on Vimeo.]

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