This Brand New Speakeasy Is Hidden Behind A Secret Door In A NoMad Coffee Shop • J. Bespoke

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This Brand New Speakeasy Is Hidden Behind A Secret Door In A NoMad Coffee Shop • J. Bespoke

J. Bespoke is the new NYC speakeasy in town! Hidden behind an unmarked brass door in the Devoción Cascara + Coffee shop in NoMad, it’s an effort by two brother owners to take sports bars to a whole new elevated level.

When taking a first glance at the space, with only 50 seats and an art-deco inspired mural, you definitely wouldn’t think of it as a spot for sports fans to be cheering on their favorite teams. But the 4K LED flat-screen TVs and immersive audio system are where the games come to life.

Credit to Nitzan Rubin.

Luckily, they blend in easily with the wood-paneled walls and mix of velvet and leather seating to create a high-end aesthetic. Much different than the vinyl booths and Bud Light pitchers we normally picture for an NYC sports bar.

There will be craft cocktails like the Bespoke Old Fashioned (Old Forester bourbon, green chartreuse perfume, orange and Angostura bitters, demerara) and the Nitro Cold Brew Martini (Belvedere vodka, Montenegro amaro, Devocion cold brew coffee and honey).

Credit to Andrew Bui.

The bites will be elevated as well — no messy drip-down-your-arm buffalo wings here! Instead, there will be options like Karaage Fried Chicken Bites with a ginger-soy marinade, and Spicy Honey Pizza with soppressata, provolone bechamel, mozzarella and spicy honey, of course.

And the coffee shop where it’s housed is pretty unique too — it’s also a “cascara bar,” which refers to the dried skins of coffee “cherries” (what encases the coffee beans when they are picked). At Devocion, they cold press the fruit and extract the water to create a concentrate that can be favored and mixed. Basically, a coffee cherry drink!

To enter J. Bespoke, you have to enter the coffee shop from the street and walk directly to the back to find the brass door, where someone on the other side will seat you.

Credit to Nitzan Rubin.

Where: 127 East 27th St.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 5pm-late; Saturday-Sunday 12pm-late

Check out their website for more info.

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featured image source: J. Bespoke, photo by Nitzan Rubin.

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