The Things/Moments You Always See Each Summer in NYC

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

The Things/Moments You Always See Each Summer in NYC

Summer in the city is definitely a unique experience, for the most part. But if you live here long enough, you start to see the same scenes play out, without fail. It’s almost like living in an urban twilight zone.


The subway car with no AC: When the train rolls up and you see that one subway car that’s empty, don’t go in it. It’s the notorious subway car with no AC; as soon as you walk in you’ll regret every choice you ever made that led you to that moment. And then you’ll hover by the doors, waiting to jump out and run to the next car over.

The Endless Backyard Party: It doesn’t matter where you are, out in Queens or sharing an apartment in the East Village, someone will be having some sort of outdoor party. On a Tuesday. At 1 am. It’ll rage and rage until you can’t take it anymore, and just when you thought you’d never get sleep before work, it’ll end. Until next week.

The random fireworks nowhere near the 4th of July: Inexplicable fireworks is a trend in the city all summer. Middle of August? Sure. Random Wednesday late July? Sure. It’ll have nothing to actually do with the 4th of July, just random fireworks being set off in the middle of the street.

The ice cream truck at weird times of day: You’ll hear it at 9 am rolling down your block, or it’ll creepily sit outside at midnight. At some point in the summer, one of those Mister Softee trucks is going to come around, song blaring, at the weirdest time of day. And you’ll still consider getting a cone.

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