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20 Things That Happen When You Move From Brooklyn To Manhattan

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

20 Things That Happen When You Move From Brooklyn To Manhattan

The time has come. You’re making the move across the river. You think you’re ready for it, but are you really? Here are all the things that happen when you move from Brooklyn to Manhattan:


1. You probably just got a big raise or promotion.

2. Unless you’re moving from Williamsburg, in which case you’re probably just looking for a change of scenery.

3. Or you’re getting the hell out of dodge before the L train shutdown.

4. You try to comprehend living in a smaller space than you already live in.

5. You realize that you might have to throw out some of your things.

6. You learn the struggles of cooking in a kitchen the size of a closet.

tiny kitchen

7. And sleeping in a lofted bed.

8. Or even worse…a twin bed.

twin bed gif

9. The air always smells like burning garbage mixed with diesel exhaust.

10. And your neighbors might be too close for comfort.

[Chris Goldberg/Flickr]
[Chris Goldberg/Flickr]
11. But you marvel at how close you now are to the subway stop.

12. And how quickly you can get to all your favorite places.

13. Going home alone at 3am becomes a much less scary endeavor.

happy subway gif

14. Now, everyone wants to pregame at your place.

15. Except your living room isn’t big enough to hold everyone.

16. You start reassuring yourself that the higher rent is worth it.

money tissue

17. But still a part of you wonders if you should move back to Brooklyn.

18. You conclude that the asphalt is always cleaner on the other side.

19. Then you resolve to enjoy your time living in the city.

20. Then eventually you end up back in Brooklyn.

brooklyn cover
[Several seconds/Flickr]

Cover photo credit: Curtis MacNewton/Flickr