21 Things Every New Yorker Does When They’re Feeling Down

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Things Every New Yorker Does When They’re Feeling Down

We all feel blue sometimes. Here are the 21 things that all New Yorkers do when they get down in the dumps:


1. Call out sick from work.

2. Stay in bed until noon.

3. Snuggle with your animal friend.

dog waking up human

4. Or get to work late and leave early.

5. And on your way get a $5 latte because you deserve it.

6. Put on a playlist and pretend to work.

not working

7. Go to your favorite food place, no matter if it’s on the other side of the city.

8. Then go to your favorite dessert place.

9. Go to the park so you can see a view like this:

10. Or go down to the water to get a view like this:

11. Go out to your favorite bar.

12. Order your favorite drink, no matter how expensive it is.

13. Go dancing.


14. Or avoid people and spend the night by yourself.

15. Take a nighttime walk.

16. Go down to the water for this view.

17. Listen to your favorite song on the subway on your way home.

18. Go up to your roof to look at the city.

19. Contemplatively smoke a cigarette.


20. Be thankful that you live here.

21. Decide that tomorrow will be better.



Cover photo credit: Billie Grace Ward/Flickr

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