21 Things Every Mom Says To Her Kid Who Lives In New York

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Things Every Mom Says To Her Kid Who Lives In New York

Moms are great, but they can be very predictable. If you live in New York City, there’s a good chance that your mom has called you or texted you with these questions:


1. “Your neighborhood is safe, right?”

illegal cover
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Yes mom, very safe.


2. “You don’t walk around alone at night, do you?”

solo activities cover
Only after I just dumped my date.


3. “You don’t take the subway at night, do you?”

Trust me. You don’t want me taking an Uber.


4. “Did you hear there was another slashing last night?”

Cell phones invented in NYC



Chill, Mom, I’m fine.


6. “Don’t get mad at me. I was just checking in.”

aint mad


7. “I’ve heard such good things about Hamilton. Have you seen it?”

leah michelle crying

I would if I could get tickets and had three hundred dollars lying around…


8. “Is your apartment warm enough?”

cold gif

If it wasn’t, would you do anything?


9. “Your building has a doorman, right?”

drake laughing

Yeah, maybe when I finally make it big.


10. “Your door has a chain lock, right?”


Not everything you see on TV is true, Mom.


11. “Remember to always have cash on you.”

how to save money in NYC
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Sure thing.


12. “But don’t carry too much cash on you.”


Uh, sure thing.


13. “How are your roommates doing? Are you getting along?”

mean girls fight

This isn’t high school anymore…


14. “You’re not still living in that dump, are you?”

[Gregory Kloehn]
[Gregory Kloehn]
You want to send me money so I can live somewhere else?


15. “Are you still seeing so-and-so?”

hell no

The one I went on three dates with? No.


16. “If you need anything I can be there in three hours.”

lol no

Don’t trouble yourself.


17. “Are you coming home for Thanksgiving?”

hillary no


18. “Are you coming home for Christmas?”

mmmm no


19. “Are you coming home for Mother’s Day?”


Uh, I’ll think about it…


20. “Maybe I could come up and visit you.”


Oh jeez, you know, I’m so busy…


21. “Maybe we could get tickets to Hamilton.”

nodding gif

Actually I might take you up on that.


Cover photo credit: Billie Grace Ward/Flickr

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