These Doritos & Cheetos Bagels Are Your New Foodie Obsession

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These Doritos & Cheetos Bagels Are Your New Foodie Obsession

When we say Doritos or Cheetos, what do you think of? A cheesy snack? Chester Cheetah? Our Presidents favorite exfoliating scrub?  …thanks to The Bagel Nook you might be adding “delicious savory bagel” to the list.

Ok, first things first, The Bagel Nook isn’t in NYC. Don’t get triggered, it’s not on mars either, it’s in Freehold, New Jersey. We get it, it’s not a subway away, but after reading you may just want to make the trip.

The Bagel Nook recently launched their Flaming Hot Cheetos Bagel and the Dorito Bagel.

Above you can see the delicious Cheeto bagel, with a jalapeno cheddar cream cheese, and the Dorito bagel with cheddar cream cheese. Don’t overlook their cream cheese flavors like Maple Bacon, Birthday Cake and Jalapeño Cheddar… high cholesterol and cardiovascular illness has never tasted this good.

The Bagel Nook aren’t strangers to the world of novelty bagels, their infamous “Overloaded Oreo” bagel is the hangover cure you’ve been looking for all your life. Father and Son team David and Alex Berkowitz work bagel magic that has never been seen before, not even over the water in NYC.

Featured image source [instagram | the_bagel_nook]


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