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These Deliciously Chilling Cocktails Are Sure To Haunt Your Halloween Party

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

These Deliciously Chilling Cocktails Are Sure To Haunt Your Halloween Party

Halloween’s witching hour is creeping up on us faster than we think. While many of us won’t be trick-or-treating for candy we’d all certainly enjoy a treat in the form of an eerie cocktail! 

Over in L.A. we’ve heard whispers of a sinister Cocktail Soirée taking place, but thanks to our good friends at Tequila Don Julio we can all host our own version of a haunted party with killer cocktailseven all the way out here in NYC! Summon the tastiest of spirits with a Black Magic Margarita or bewitch your guests with a Salud. 

The Black Magic Margarita has the perfect combination of ingredients to keep even the most sinister of guests happy. To make it, you’ll combine 1.5oz of Don Julio tequila with .75oz fresh lime juice and .5oz agave nectar. Once you shake it, pour the drink over ice into your festive skull glass and add a splash of fire bitters.

As for brewing up a Salud, you’ll need to mix 1.5oz of Don Julio tequila, 1oz fresh grapefruit juice, .5oz fresh lime juice, .5oz agave nectar, and a touch of rose. If you’re looking for an extra-eerie spirit, make the cocktails in a skull glass or garnish it with something a bit morbidlike eyeballs or a toy finger, if you dare. The macabre prop possibilities are endless!

However, if you happen to find yourself in the L.A. area soon (from October 11 through November 2), be sure to visit the House of Spirits Haunted Cocktail Soirée for a taste of other eerie creations. 

This article was sponsored by Tequila Don Julio. 21+ only. Please drink responsibly. For all the facts, visit drinkiq.com.

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